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Hotel near the Frysian Lakes

Landhotel De IJsvogel is a luxury boutique hotel in Legemeer, Friesland. We consider ourselves very lucky with our great location. Surrounded by nature - you will find us between the woods and meadows - the hotel offers an oasis of tranquility and an extremely suitable place for anyone who really wants to get away from it all. We are known for the warm, welcoming atmosphere and rustic room, our heated pool, sauna and all the sports facilities around us.

The Frisian Lakes

The Frisian Lakes is a tourist area in the southwest and center of Friesland. This area attracts many water sports enthusiasts, especially in summer. Landhotel De IJsvogel is located nearby these waters and is an excellent base for anyone who wants to enjoy the sun on water!

The largest and most important Frisian lakes are the Groote Breken, the Sneekermeer, the Tjeukemeer, the Heegermeer, the Fluessen and the Slotermeer. Most Frisian lakes are located in the so-called Southwest corner of Friesland.

Are you curious about everything you can do on and around the lakes? Read here about all the activities around our hotel in Legemeer!


Frisian lakes

Most of the lakes in Friesland can be found in the Southwest corner, also known as the Frisian Lakes. Popular with sailors are the Sneekermeer and the elongated Heegermeer. Rent a sailboat or else a sloop for a wonderful day on the water. Also nice: stay the night in your boat. You can moor at one of the many Marrekrite moorings, in the middle of nature.

Frisian museums

The Jopie Huisman museum in Workum and the Modelspoortreinenmuseum, located in the main station of Sneek, both guarantee an incredibly fun experience. In Leeuwarden you will also find the Resistance Museum, where confrontational stories are shown about people who had to make impossible choices in a special time. In the museum you will learn about the Second World War in Friesland, in which subjects such as the air war over the province and the resistance are central.

The Eleven Cities Tour

Finally, perhaps the most famous phenomenon from Friesland, the infamous trip over the ice, the Elfstedentocht. Fortunately, it does not have to be frozen to make this trip. Thanks to many cycling, walking and sailing routes, you can also experience the more than 200 kilometers long trip during the middle of summer. A little too long? Then visit the beautiful places along the routes and enjoy the Frisian conviviality there!