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Frysian origins!

Friesland is sometimes called the most beautiful country on earth. Not only by the inhabitants, but also by many tourists. For example, it was voted one of the best holiday destinations by the BBC a few years ago and Lonely Planet also expressed its enthusiasm for our beautiful province.

But you might wonder where that enthusiasm comes from? That is why we have listed our favorites for you!

Frisian specialties

Typical Frisian specialties include: Fryske Sûkerbôle (sugar bread), Oranjekoeke (orange cake), Drabbelkoeken from Sneek and the beer Us Heit! Wonderful after a windy and sunny day on the water. Are you traveling to Friesland? Then you should really try this one!

Do you want to settle down on the terrace after a long walk? Then there is also a good chance that you will receive a Fries dúmke (Duimpje) with your coffee, an anise-like cookie that the baker presses flat with his thumbs. They are well worth the walk!


Frisian sports

Are you going for an adventurous stay? Then don't miss fierljeppen (pole vault) and bouncing! When fierljeppen you take a run-up with a stick, climb quickly up the jump and try to land on the other side of the water! Real toppers jump more than 20 meters!

Frisian activities

Prefer dry feet? Then visit the mummies of Wieuwerd or the special Planetarium of Eise Eisinga, the oldest working planetarium in the historic center of Franeker. Or go back in history at the Woudagemaal, the famous steam pumping station in Lemmer that is still in use when the water in Friesland is too high.


Frisian lakes

Most of the lakes in Friesland can be found in the Southwest corner, also known as the Frisian Lakes. Popular with sailors are the Sneekermeer and the elongated Heegermeer. Rent a sailboat or else a sloop for a wonderful day on the water. Also nice: stay the night in your boat. You can moor at one of the many Marrekrite moorings, in the middle of nature.

Frisian museums

The Jopie Huisman museum in Workum and the Modelspoortreinenmuseum, located in the main station of Sneek, both guarantee an incredibly fun experience. In Leeuwarden you will also find the Resistance Museum, where confrontational stories are shown about people who had to make impossible choices in a special time. In the museum you will learn about the Second World War in Friesland, in which subjects such as the air war over the province and the resistance are central.

De Elfstedentocht

Finally, perhaps the most famous phenomenon from Friesland, the infamous trip over the ice, the Elfstedentocht. Fortunately, it does not have to be frozen to make this trip. Thanks to many cycling, walking and sailing routes, you can also experience the more than 200 kilometers long trip during the middle of summer. A little too long? Then visit the beautiful places along the routes and enjoy the Frisian conviviality there!